Paper Rolls at rewinder

Product Quality

✓At Paswara, we run quality checks throughout the production processes to ensure that only best quality products get delivered to our customers. To do this we conduct thorough testing on all our products manufactured in accordance with established industry methodologies.

✓Undoubtedly, quality is priority in our Paper Mill. From raw materials, production process, packaging to transportation, we always do our best to deliver quality products to our customers. We use premium raw materials, advanced machineries and matured skills and technology. Enhanced with a rigorous management system, we can always assure the quality of our products. In addition, we hire experts from overseas to improve our production process so that we can enhance our quality continuously. 

✓ The paper machines are regularly inspected and maintained by the Group’s maintenance teams to ensure that they are in proper working condition. In addition, the Group also upgrades its production equipment concurrently with its repair and maintenance to increase the life span and efficiency of its production equipments. 

✓Enterprise resources planning (ERP) system is gradually implementing in the whole group. The system will manage, control and track all aspects of operations, including inventory control, operation and maintenance of the paper machines, quality control of its products, sales and marketing and delivery of its products through its internal transportation and delivery network. The ERP system will lay a sound foundation for further overall control on costs and make a significant improvement in the timing and accuracy of information transmission. 

✓We help our customers achieve trouble-free converting by supplying high quality, high-consistency products. We do this by investing in automated online monitoring systems and expert personnel to oversee production. All our paper mills conduct online infrared scanning to ensure we effectively manage reel moisture variation levels.

✓We export High Quality packaging paper used for making of 3ply, 5ply, 7ply Carton Box throughout the world.